Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Grand Opening

The Minister of State for Youth Affairs & Sport (that's not him on the photo) summed it up in an off-the-cuff speech that went down really well with the 300 or so people assembled in the Taj Hotel for the opening ceremony ...

"We've had so many problems in the world recently, with people from different countries fighting each other, but here, in Chennai tonight, we have young sportspeople from all over the world assembled in harmony and about to embark on a great sporting occasion. Why can't we settle all our differences with sporting contests ..."

And it's true, there was a great feeling tonight of people from all over the world excited to be here, excited to get started, getting along great and having fun.

After being bussed to the Taj (we're staying in the Marriott but the Taj's meeting room is bigger) everyone assembled in the foyer, with lots of photos being taken, before Major Maniam (he should have been a comic, he really should), called the teams into the hall in alphabetical order (starting with Denmark, don't ask ...)

Assuming his master of ceremonies role Maniam presided over the speeches with great humour, WSF President N Ramachandran highlighted some of the stars in attendance, the Minister put it all in context, and the Chief Secretary of the Tamil Nadu government made everyone feel so welcome in Chennai before officially declaring the championships - the first ever combined Boys' and Girls' World Junior Championships - open.

There's a lot going on in Chennai, we'll cover some of it in later issues, but for tonight let's just get ready for the action and enjoy the photos ...

Official Opening Photo Gallery

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