Tuesday, July 28, 2009

North Americans enjoying India

News from the USA and Canadian squads ...

"I Love India"

Today we woke up to find a 10 person bus with the inscription “I Love India” on the side. This was our transportation for the day. We drove in our cool ride to the courts and had a nice, hot, hit at the courts.

After a shower and quick lunch, we hopped in our new favorite ‘RV’ and headed out to Mahabalipuram, which is a popular tourist spot near Chennai. On our way to the temples, we stopped at an arts and crafts center where they had many local goods for great prices!

Team USA Blog

Hello Everyone!

It’s Team Canada reporting live from Chennai, India! We arrived here late Wednesday night to busy streets, crazy driving, and extreme heat.

So far we’ve explored temples, rode elephants, and saw snakes and crocodiles in captivity. It’s a complete culture shock and we actually decided to buy sarees the first day in an attempt to “blend” in. People still stare and chuckle, but we think we look good.

Even though our days have been very busy with tourist activities, we still have been training hard every day on court. The courts here are very different from the courts we all are used to back home.

Team Canada blog

We'll be having updates from Team England too - just as soon as they get their visa problems sorted and arrive in Chennai !

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