Thursday, July 23, 2009

Look out India - here comes Team USA

Pre-Trip Training: Day Three

Joined by Julie this morning, Haley, Olivia and Lexi (the Brooklyn-ites) made our morning commute to midtown to meet up with Libby, Natasha and coaches Wyant and Quick for the match of the day: Team USA vs. Harvard Club Men’s A team.

Team USA beat up on those old men resulting in a 5-1 final score. After our first win, one massage, two saunas, and six showers, the team said goodbye to Natasha for the day and headed to Café Manhattan for a healthy lunch. Next stop: US Squash headquarters to pick up our uniforms. We trekked through Time Square, arriving at the Garment District to pick up our smashing uniforms.

After we opened our uniforms and exclamations like, “Oh my God!” “We have our names on them?!” “They’re SO nice!” “I love these!” were thrown back and forth, we packed all our clothing AND the boys’ clothing into our bags, and crammed in a cab before heading back to Brooklyn.

After a little down time, Lexi, Libby and Haley made their way to Target for some last minute USA paraphernalia: red, white and blue nail polish, shoelaces – you name it. This was followed by Lexi’s first time eating Thai food at Joya in Brooklyn. The day ended with last minute packing and an early bed time for tomorrow’s last session and 6:10p.m. takeoff…India here comes team USA!

Julie Cerullo

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